Results Through Week 4

ATS Picks Total Season (20-15, 57.1%)

ATS Picks This Week (4-5, 44%)

Texas A&M -28 at SMU ☆ (W) – This was the easiest pick, and pushes my ☆ picks to 3-0. Texas A&M dismantled SMU in what looked like a home game since 90% of the fans were in maroon. There’s nothing to say here other than the fact that the line should have been 40+, and that A&M’s second and third string is more talented than SMU’s starters.

South Carolina -19 at Vanderbilt (L) – Vandy returns kickoff for a TD to start the game. We never recovered from there, and South Carolina won by 14. I’d still take this same bet again.

UMass +29 at Penn State (L) – I would not take this same bet again. In a separate post I’m going to write more about the Big Ten’s dismantling of the MAC.

Purdue +7.5 vs Southern Illinois (W) – I originally had planned to get a middle on this cause surely it will be a close game, right? Oops. I don’t even know what happened and why SIU couldn’t hang, but thanks Purdue.

Clemson +20.5 at Florida State (W) – This line just looks silly now. I had the line at 8 to 10 starting off, and since Winston’s VORP is about 10 to 14, Clemson should have been slightly favored. FSU was so lucky to walk away with a win.

NIU +14.5 at Arkansas (L) – This is part 2 of me being on the wrong side of #MACtion. I thought the Huskies had a good run defense, but apparently not against teams who are actually good at running the ball.

Austin Peay +42 at Eastern Illinois (L) – “Do not bite the hand that feeds you.” – I owe EIU since they helped me win my biggest bet of the year. I shouldn’t have disrespected them by betting against the Panthers. This line was supposed to be like 24 since EIU is performing terrible this year. But apparently Austin Peay is in a whole ‘nother league of terrible. Or maybe EIU is getting it together. Either way, I didn’t expect this bad of a blowout.

Kansas State +8 vs Auburn (W) – I can’t believe they covered after K-State missed 3 field goals and Lockett let that pass be intercepted in the end zone. That’s 16 points that K-State missed out on. Thanks Auburn for not scoring on the last drive and letting the Wildcats cover the spread.

Eastern Michigan Under 3.5 Points (L) – I upped the ante and said that EMU wouldn’t make it across midfield. And I was right for the first half. I believe they had 7 total yards of offense in the first half, although I read other reports claiming they had 1 yard. Either way, that’s what we expected. Unfortunately, Michigan State’s second and third string actually gave up points. What a bummer.

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