Week 3 – FCS Special

College Gameday is returning to North Dakota State! With that in mind, let’s take a look at some FCS lines. No bets placed, but I’m eyeing a few just for fun. I probably won’t get on any of these though.

North Dakota State -51 vs Incarnate Word: This has to be a record for the largest spread of any game covered by College Gameday. By raw power ratings the line should be about 40, but Incarnate Word has vastly underperformed in the first two weeks and North Dakota State, well, you know…they enjoy beating up on people, especially when ESPN is in town.

NC A&T -2.5 at Elon: North Carolina A&T has shown serious improvement and made strong covers in their first two games. Elon is still a mystery, as all we know about them is that they’re good at being Duke’s punching bag.

SEMO +24 at Southern Illinois: Week two of SEMO bets. As previously noted, I really like what the new coach is doing there.

Henderson State -7 at Nicholls State: Henderson is a top 10 D-2 program, while Nicholls is a faltering team at the bottom of the FCS that can’t cover the spread for its life. Sometimes I worry about the D1-D2 jump but not in this case.

Lamar -57 vs Texas College: “But Lamar only scored 3 last week.” This isn’t Texas A&M; this is Texas College. It’s very hard to find info about Texas College, partially due to the fact that they’re an independent football program, and partially due to the fact that about zero of the 40,200,000 google results for “Texas College Football” actually pertain to this team. This is a really difficult one to handicap, but I have it anywhere from 61 to 80 points.

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