Week 4 Bets – Part 4

Bets Placed:

Eastern Michigan Under 3.5 Points –¬†like I said earlier, I’m not sure if EMU makes it across midfield. At least not against MSU’s starters. Zero points or a growls goal wins on this one. Also worth noting EMU starting QB is out (as if that means anything…he’s just as bad as their backup). ¬†Sparty needs to make a defensive statement after giving up 46 to Oregon anyways do they shouldn’t allow much. I also got this at +105 on 5D so getthat if it’s still available.


Still Considering:

Wheres My Middle? I took Purdue +7.5, now they’re -1.5. I could take SIU Moneyline, or could just not worry about it and hold onto what’s a fair line now. I may just hold on…

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