What The…? Week 3

FAU scored 50 points. They scored 3 and 0 points in their first two games, so 50 is a bit higher than we expected. It was all due to the return of QB Jacquez Johnson, who must have one of the highest VORPs of any quarterback.

Is Kentucky good or Florida bad? Probably a little bit of both, but this definitely isn’t what the Gators wanted. Had Muschamp ended up on the losing end of that overtime game, his employment situation might be looking even worse than it already is.

Bowling Green ran 113 plays. I love coach Dino Babers, and can’t get enough of this offense. It really says something to be able to lose Matt Johnson and then go out and produce like that. They needed every one of those 113 plays to beat IU. Literally.

Miami OH has a high school caliber offensive line – Seriously, the St. X or Archbishop Moeller would push these guys around in the trenches. They’ve allowed 9 sacks against 2 FBS and 1 FCS opponent. They helped the team rush for 1.6 yards per carry vs Michigan. And they just look so bad.

The ONE TIME EMU has a good defense…they can’t score to save their lives on offense. Old Dominion has a killer offense. EMU had the worst defense in FBS last year. So presumably, ODU should put up 35 or 45 points at least, right? Not so fast — the Eagles’ astounding defensive performance (I can’t believe I’m saying this) stopped the Monarchs in their tracks. This was great, because we’ve learned that ODU has a terrible defense, so terrible that they’ve had to mercy rule games. NC State scored 46 on them, heck Hampton scored 28. But EMU managed to score THREE POINTS.  They continue to be most certainly the world’s most disappointing football team.

Davis Webb struggles against 7 and 8 man zone coverage. You think he’d be used to this after a year in the Big 12, but Webb is really having trouble reading zone. He tends to always read X and force X. If he would have gone through his proper read progression, he would have found Y and Z open (or at least better targets), but likes to stick with the deep route. Unfortunately though there are plays other than four vert and Y-sail in the Tech playbook. I have a feeling Kliff will help him improve this as the season goes on.

But Tech still has no defense. Really, it’s been pretty ugly so far.

Khalil Mack isn’t coming back to Buffalo so the Bulls better get it together in the secondary. They’ve allowed 18.5 yards per completion, and even with the Baylor game removed the stats look pretty ugly. Baylor was WIDE OPEN so many times. Not running even slant or post route. The receiver ran straight, and the corner and safety didn’t know who was supposed to cover so no one did. Film room should be fun this week.

FIU is 3-0 ATS. Look out Vegas. The laughing stock of the FBS is now 3-0 at covering the spread. They lost the Bethune-Cookman, but covered. Then they thrashed Wagner. Then they hung in their with Pitt, which was actually really impressive. About 80% of bettors are taking them +26.5 vs Louisville next week.

Troy lost at home to Abeline Christian. Congrats Trojans, you’re now officially worse than Georgia State. I was very pessimistic about Troy coming into the season, losing their QB and returning only two OL. They showed a glimmer of home against Duke, but overall they’ve been pretty disappointing.

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