Results Through Week 5

Week 5 Recap:

Overall: 25-18 (58.1%)

This week: 5-3 (62.5%)

UVA -21 vs Kent State (W): This line ended up closing at 28 or so, which is more accurate. Not much else to say here, this game went as expected. I’ll be riding the Hoos train for a while, because Vegas doesn’t quite seem to get how improved these guys are.

Boise -13.5 at Air Force (L): Boise threw 5 INTs. Still out gained AFA but that really did them in. AFA also ran for 287 yards (so much for Boise defending the run, which is what I based this on). Outside of the Big 12, the MWC might have to most parity of any other conference.

Clemson -10 vs UNC (W): The first three touchdowns of this game came from Clemson just as I hoped. The game ended closer than desired at 50-35 but that’s ok. It’s been two games now though in a row that Clemson started strong and finished weak.

Wisconsin -32.5 vs USF (L): In hindsight, this was probably a really bad bet. Regardless, the premonition that USF wouldn’t score much (the basis for this bet) held true. What I didn’t expect was for Wisconsin to score 3 points in the first half against USF. Three points! Not sure what that was about.

Nevada -2 at SJSU (W): I mean, come on, really? I know there is part in the MWC, but Nevada was #2 in the MWC and now arguably #1, while SJSU is pretty bottom of the pack. SJSU also goes in the record books for getting 446 total yards and scoring 10 points. This was partially due to two INTs (on an otherwise decent QB showing) and a fumble, and partially due to their poor scoring efficiency.

Penn State -9 vs Northwestern  (L): How do you lose 29-6????? I guess the final score looks worse than it actually was. This was 14-6 going into the fourth quarter. Still, that’s bad. Come on guys, it’s Northwestern. Hackenberg had a bad outing and the run game got stuffed, thanks in part to a suffering offensive line.

Nebraska -19 vs Illinois (W): Illinois couldn’t defend Washington so, surprise, they got a whooping from Nebraska. Fear Ameer. 208 yards on 22 attempts. Who does that!

Bowling Green -4.5 at Massachusetts (W): They won by five. Phew. The sharps won on +14 bets all the way down and I won at -4.5 and everyone is happy. And Vegas cries. Sharps are on UMass two weeks straight. We get it, they’re better than everyone expected.

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