Week 14 Bets – Part 2

Louisville -13.5 to close out the Kentucky +14 bet: The Kentucky team just stormed midfield and stomped on the Cardinal. I want out of this bet. I had plenty of reasons for the +14 bet, but all of that goes to the wayside when you stomp on the cardinal.

I have a distinct memory of watching Concinnati do the same act in 2004, and I remember the game ending in a 70-7 massacre led by Bobby Petrino.

Later that season, ECU did the same, followed by Rutgers and Miami. Let’s do a quick inventory of how those games ended:

2004: Louisville 70, Cincinnati 7

2004: Louisville 59, East Carolina 7

2005: Louisville 56, Rutgers 5

2006: Louisville 31, Miami 7

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