Semifinals time! If you thought Army vs Navy was the only game last week, you missed out on a great NDSU vs Coastal Carolina game, as well as an impressive performance by Illinois State on the red turf.

Team WIN Odds
North Dakota State 45.81% +118
Illinois State 36.21% +176
New Hampshire 9.90% +910
Sam Houston State 8.08% +1138

Now is where things start to get real for NDSU. Their odds to win are 45.81%, but that’s not much of an improvement from 41.7% before they played their first game. Their two last tests will be rough. Don’t let SHSU fool you as a lower seed – this team is made up of a whole lot of bad news bears, former FBS players who got kicked off for various reasons, and some of whom will likely be drafted. They may also have to face Illinois State, who started hot earlier this year with a 5-0 ATS start and hasn’t looked back since. These guys are a very complete team. And then there’s New Hampshire, who I’ve never really been too impressed by. When Toledo beat them badly earlier this year, I figured Toledo must be really good. Turns out I was wrong, and that UNH was more of a flop. They got the #1 ranking, but only from scraping by. They’re essentially the FloridaState of the FCS Playoffs.

Now I will admit my lines are slightly different than 5Dimes, mainly in that I think Illinois State is better than they do. I guess we’ll see how that goes. After seeing them stomp EWU last week, I won’t be surprised if they definitely cover that -4.5 spread against UNH.

5Dimes Lines:

NDSU -14 vs SHSU

Illinois State -4.5 at New Hampshire

My lines:

NDSU -12 vs SHSU

Illinois State -8 at New Hampshire

My championship lines:

NDSU -2 vs Illinois State

NDSU -10 vs New Hampshire

Illinois State -10 vs SHSU

SHSU -2 vs New Hampshire

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