Results After Week 15

Overall: 59-39 (60.2%)

This week: 1-1 (50%)

LA Tech +14 at Marshall (W) – Again, Marshall is a great team but this was just too many points. It’s nice to see LA Tech make a solid comeback after falling when Sonny left the program. Despite losing Kato next year, Marshall has a lot of offensive talent returning. Their real big issue will be their defense which is very senior. Looking forward to seeing both in decent bowls. LA Tech is actually better than the average Big Ten team, and should win. Marshall is favored over NIU, which is a great matchup that a lot of people who have any remote interest in non-P5 teams will want to watch.

Kansas State +8.5 at Baylor (L) – The yards per pass attempt stats in this one are nuts. Kansas State 11.1, Baylor 10.0. I’m tempted to say Baylor went to the ground game “a lot” (37 rushes, 172 yards) but maybe it just looked that way because they seem to always be passing. Baylor will be getting a very fun yin vs yang matchup in Michigan State, a matchup I think Baylor will have the advantage in. UCLA and Kansas State also a fun matchup between two very deserving teams.


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